About the Expedition 


Q.  What are the dates for the digital fiesta Expedition?

A. The Expedition is schedule for July 20-27, 2019


Q.  Can I arrive before and/or stay after the event?

A. Yes, you can arrive before and/or stay after this event. Many people do this to dive in the Cenotes or to take any Excursion. Please contact us for extra night rates.


Do I have to be certify diver to participate on this event?

A. Yes, you will need to bring your certification card and present this at the check in with the dive shop. You will need the card to fill the paperwork as well.


Q.  Do you offer single occupancy attendees to fill rooms with another single attendee?

A. No, we do not offer nor do we find people to accommodate a double occupancy. You must do that on your own or book for the single rate.


Q.  I want to bring my significant other but she/or he does not dive. Do you offer non-diving rates?

A. Yes, we have non-diver rates.  The non-diver must stay in the same room with a diver.  Please contact us for rates and availability. Contact Us


Q.  Does the event include meals and drinks?

A. Yes, the package designed for this expedition includes all meals and drinks (limited to a hotel service hrs. & liquor availability)

Q. Do this expedition includes unlimited shore diving and can I used a tank to do a night dive by the shore?

A. Yes, There is an unlimited shore diving included in this event. However, you must request your tank at the dive shop so they get it ready for you every time you need one. All shore diving must be done at the hotel resort beach area (Absolutely no exceptions)

Q.  Can I bring my underwater equipment rig on the Expedition and Excursions?

A. Yes, definitely, There will be a team of experienced photographers eager to assist you, plus the Cenote diving offers an amazing light scenario to practice your wide angle skills.


Q. Will I required cave diving certification to dive in the Cenotes?

A.  No necessarily, a simple Open Water certification or higher will allowed to enter the cenotes. 

Q.  Will I require a passport to travel to Mexico?

A. Yes, if you do not have one yet, order one ASAP. It may take several months to process a new one or to replace an old one.


Q.  Can I fly directly into Cozumel?

A. Yes, Check with your travel agent or any mayor airline


Q.  Can I fly into Cancun?

A. Yes, it is generally a cheaper flight and more flights are offered to Cancun. From there you would take a bus to Playa del Carmen and then a ferry to Cozumel. (Longer trip)

Q.  Can I make a deposit to secure my spot?

A. Yes, a $200.00 deposit will secure your spot and will be credited towards your balance that is due on May 25, 2019 (Deposit is not refundable if canceled after cancellation date see below) Please contact us to make your deposit. 

     NOTE: To paid your balance please e-mail us at: mexicandiver.info@gmail.com and will forward to you

                 an invoice to pay online or to pay by personal check. 


Q. What is your Cancelation policy?

A. You can cancel your trip for full refund NOT later than May 25, 2019. You must canceled by e-mail to: mailto: mexiccandiver.info@gmail.com. Fail to do it, there is a fee of ($200.00 equivalent to a one night including all local fees and taxes)


Q. Can I get money back if I decide not to go diving, or go to my schedule tour excursion, or to eat during this expedition?

A. NOT There is absolutely  not refund for unused services on this expedition. If the local port master decide to closed the port, there will be other alternatives offered to you, otherwise a 50% of the diving portion of any boat dive days lost will be refund to you via company check by mail (Mexicandiver.com)


Q. Do you offer trip or diving insurance?

NOT We recoment you to get trip or diving insurance on your own. We recomend (DAN) insurenace

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